FOM: Goedel: truth and misinterpretations

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At 07:06 PM 10/26/00 +0200, Kanovei wrote:
> > Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 09:26:58 -0700
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> > I can't imagine what would be clearer than an assertion
> > that a has a
> > solution in natural numbers.
> >
>Most assured you cannot be wrong, I only wonder why they
>included the Harrington-Paris note as the only
>(or one of very few) pure research article in the
>"Handbook of Math. Logic", whose (the H-P note) main
>content was to display a true MATHEMATICALLY meaningful
>sentence of PA, not provable in PA.

The Paris-Harrington theorem provides an example of a mathematically 
INTERESTING result not provable in PA. Perhaps when you say that an 
assertion is "meaningful" you mean that it is one that mathematicians would 
a priori tend to find interesting.  The Paris-Harrington theorem and some 
of Harvey Friedman's recent results are of this kind, while the perfectly 
MEANINGFUL results coming from the work on Hibert's 10th problem clearly 
are not.


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