CVCL::Translator Class Reference

#include <translator.h>

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Definition at line 40 of file translator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual CVCL::Translator::~Translator  )  [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 57 of file translator.h.

Member Function Documentation

Expr CVCL::Translator::preprocessRec const Expr e,
ExprMap< Expr > &  cache

Definition at line 42 of file translator.cpp.

References CVCL::Expr::arity(), CVCL::CONSTDEF, d_convertToDiff, d_iteLiftArith, d_theoryArith, CVCL::DIVIDE, CVCL::ExprMap< Data >::end(), CVCL::EQ, CVCL::ExprMap< Data >::find(), CVCL::GE, CVCL::Theory::getBaseType(), CVCL::Expr::getKind(), CVCL::Expr::getOp(), CVCL::GT, CVCL::INTDIV, CVCL::TheoryArith::isAtomicArithFormula(), CVCL::ITE, CVCL::Expr::iteExpr(), CVCL::LE, CVCL::LT, CVCL::MINUS, CVCL::MOD, CVCL::MULT, CVCL::PLUS, CVCL::POW, CVCL::TheoryArith::realType(), CVCL::TheoryArith::rewriteToDiff(), and CVCL::UMINUS.

Referenced by preprocess().

CVCL::Translator::Translator::Translator TheoryArith theoryarith,
bool  convertToDiff,
bool  iteLiftArith

Definition at line 49 of file translator.h.

References Translator::Translator().

Referenced by Translator::Translator().

Expr CVCL::Translator::preprocess const Expr e  ) 

Definition at line 129 of file translator.cpp.

References preprocessRec().

Referenced by CVCL::VCL::query().

Member Data Documentation

TheoryArith* CVCL::Translator::d_theoryArith [private]

Definition at line 41 of file translator.h.

Referenced by preprocessRec().

bool CVCL::Translator::d_convertToDiff [private]

Definition at line 42 of file translator.h.

Referenced by preprocessRec().

bool CVCL::Translator::d_iteLiftArith [private]

Definition at line 43 of file translator.h.

Referenced by preprocessRec().

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