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Context Management

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Infrastructure for backtrackable data structures.

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bool CVC3::Scope::isCurrent ( void  ) const [inline, inherited]

Definition at line 347 of file context.h.

void CVC3::Scope::addToChain ( ContextObjChain obj) [inline, private, inherited]

Called by ContextObj when created.

Definition at line 350 of file context.h.

References CVC3::ContextObjChain::d_restoreChainNext, and CVC3::ContextObjChain::d_restoreChainPrev.

Referenced by CVC3::CDFlags::update().

Scope * CVC3::Scope::topScope ( ) const [inline, inherited]

Definition at line 358 of file context.h.

References CVC3::Scope::topScope().

Referenced by CVC3::Scope::topScope().

void CVC3::Scope::restore ( void  ) [inline, inherited]

Restore all the values.

Definition at line 360 of file context.h.

References CVC3::ContextObjChain::restore().

Referenced by CVC3::Context::pop().

CVC3::ContextObj::ContextObj ( Context context) [inline, inherited]

Create a new ContextObj.

The initial scope is set to the bottom scope by default, to reduce the work of pop() (otherwise, if the object is defined only on a very high scope, its scope will be moved down with each pop). If 'atBottomScope' == false, the scope is set to the current scope.

Definition at line 371 of file context.h.

References CVC3::ContextObjChain::ContextObjChain(), CVC3::ContextObjChain::d_restore, DebugAssert, and IF_DEBUG.