Dimensionality Reduction Fall 2010 - Assignments/Project

Tentative Assignment/Project Schedule

  • Assignment 1, posted Jan 28.
  • Assignment 1 due Feb. 11 at 1:30pm in class or by email.

  • Assignment 2, posted Feb. 18.
  • Assignment 2 will be due March 4 at 1:30pm in class or by email.

  • Assignment 3, posted March 11.
  • Assignment 3 will be due April 1 (no joke) at 1:30pm in class or by email.

  • Projects due noon April 30, by email.
    Send postscript or pdf files ONLY, do not send Word, Html or other formats.
    Project info sheet (ps) (pdf).
    A few suggestions for project ideas as well.
    NIPS style file, example latex and formatting guide for other packages are here. Please note that for this class, 5 pages is a hard upper limit on length. Don't go over!

Marking Scheme

  • Weekly readings worth 1% each, on the honour system.
    Once you have done the weekly reading, follow this link:
    Online Reading Submission
    The system will make a record and add 1% to your grade.
  • 3 assignments worth 18% each.
  • 1 final project worth 33%.

Other Dates

  • Tuesday Feb16 - deadline to enroll (with late fee)
  • Monday Feb8, 2010 - last day to drop

Collaboration Policy

You may discuss the general idea of the questions with anyone you like, but your discussion may not include the specific answers to any of the problems. In other words, you should always be able to answer, by yourself, the question "How did you get this answer?"

Late Work

Late assignments/projects are not accepted except in the case of medical/family issues. But extensions are easy to get: just ask me in writing or by email at least one week before the due date saying why you need an extension and if you request is reasonable I will approve it.

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