CSC412S Spring 2002 - Free Marks!

Get Free Marks for Reading the Textbook!

As incentive to help you prepare for the final, and read the book carefully, I've set up the following "bonus marks" scheme.

Starting Wednesday March27 and going until Friday April 12, you will get 1% added to your final mark for every 3 technical errors you find in the textbook.


  1. 1% bonus for every 3 errors found up to a maximum of 5%
  2. <3 errors doesn't get you any partial percentages
  3. errors will be posted on the web below and you can only get credit for submitting an error that hasn't already been posted.
  4. a technical error is one which makes some part of the book incorrect or seriously misleading. I will not count spelling errors, LaTex formatting problems, obvious misnumbering of figures or equations (unless it is genuinely confusing), etc.
  5. this is to encourage careful reading of the book, but don't waste energy trolling for errors without studying at the same time

Currently Posted Errors

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