CSC310F Fall 2005 - Textbook and Other Readings


The textbook for the class will likely be David Mackay's book, Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithms.
The book is freely available online at this website.

Readings (tentative list, watch for updates)

  • We will be covering material from Parts I, II, III of the book.
  • Read chapter 1 for Lectures 1,2 and first tutorial. The material in chapter 2 may be a helpful review but is not directly part of the course content.
  • Read Chapters 4, 5,6 in Mackay's book. (Lectures 3-11b).
  • Read Chapters 8 and 9 in Mackay's book (starting with Lecture 12).
  • Read Chapters 10,11,47,50 in Mackay's book.

Additional Material

  • The famous LZ77, and LZ78 papers.
  • The 1987 paper Arithmetic Coding for Data Compression by Witten, Neal, Cleary. is here.
  • Shannon's classic paper, A Mathematical Theory of Communication is available here.
  • Huffman's famous 1952 paper, A Method for the Construction of Minimum Redundancy Codes is available here.
  • The notes from a short course given by David Mackay in 1995, out of which his book eventually grew.

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