CSC2515 Fall 2003 - Assignments/Tests

Tentative Assignment/Test Schedule

Marking Scheme

  • Weekly readings worth 1% each, on the honour system.
    Once you have done the weekly reading, email
    csc2515readings at cs dot toronto dot edu
    with a subject line of "CSC2515 Reading WeekX Completed" where X is the week number of the reading you have completed.
    We will make a record and add 1% to your grade.
  • 3 assignments worth 18% each.
  • 1 final project worth 33%.

Other Dates

  • October 4 - deadline to enrol for credit
  • November 3 - drop day

Collaboration Policy

You may discuss the general idea of the questions with anyone you like, but your discussion may not include the specific answers to any of the problems. In other words, you should always be able to answer, by yourself, the question "How did you get this answer?"

Late Work / Missing Tests

Late assignments or missed tests are not accepted except in the case of an official Student Medical Certificate or a written (not email) request submitted at least one week before the due date and approved by the instructor.

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