CS 395T: Schedule

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Date Topics Notes Readings
Wed 01/21 Introduction
Part 1: Warmup
Mon 01/26 Two storage interfaces
Viewing the Chord paper requires access to the ACM digital library, which all campus computers ought to have. Read NFS and OpenDHT. optional -- Chord
Wed 01/28 Two more storage interfaces
Read Google File System and MapReduce
Part 2: Foundations
Mon 02/02 The state machine approach
Viewing these papers requires access to the ACM digital library; you may need a campus computer. Read State machine tutorial. Optional -- Linearizability.
Wed 02/04 Paxos
Web proxy for ACM digital library. Thanks to Don Porter for pointing this out. The assignment is to read two papers, one from each group. Group 1 is The Part-time Parliament (the original paper that proposed Paxos) or Paxos Made Practical (a white paper describing an actual implementation); please read one of those, depending on your taste. Group 2 is Paxos Made Simple or Lampson's overview; please also read one of those, depending on your taste.
Mon 02/09 BFT
Read Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance. This will count as two papers (meaning if you volunteer for it you will have to present one fewer time than the rest of the class). Optional -- Longer version of the PBFT paper, BASE, Farsite, 2002 and Farsite, 2006.
Wed 02/11 Weaker semantics
Read Byzantine Quorum Systems and Phalanx. Optional -- Minimal Byzantine Storage.
Mon 02/16 Phalanx, cont., Ficus
Part 3: Storage Interfaces
Wed 02/18 Distributed file systems
Read Ficus and Bayou.
Mon 02/23 Distributed file systems v block interfaces
Read Petal and Frangipani.
Wed 02/25 Object storage as a middle ground?
Read NASD and Lustre. Optional -- NASD TR1 and NASD TR2.
Mon 03/02 Key-value stores
So that we may attend the Visions lecture, class meets for only 45 minutes today (3:30-4:15). We will discuss FAWN, another key-value store, on Wednesday. Read Dynamo.
Part 4: Data Centers
Wed 03/04 More storage interfaces
Class meets for an extra 45 minutes today. Read FAWN, Bigtable, and DryadLINQ.
Wed 03/11 Data center architecture
We are meeting from 3:30-6:30 this day. Read Analysis of Data Corruption, PLayer and Sinfonia. Optional -- Distributed B-tree, Werner Vogels's blog entry explaining the S3 outage.
Part 5: Fork Consistency
Mon 03/23 SUNDR
Read Workshop version of SUNDR and conference version. Optional -- SUNDR protocol
Wed 03/25 More fork-linearizability
Read Efficient fork-linearizability and Consistency of encrypted files
Part 6: DIFC
Mon 03/30 DIFC 1
Read Myers/Liskov. Optional -- Asbestos.
Wed 04/01 DIFC 2
Read Flume. Optional -- HiStar.
Part 7: Auditing and Auditability
Mon 04/06 Auditability 1
Only SafeStore will be presented by a student. Read SafeStore and Shah et al..
Wed 04/08 Auditability 2
Read Peterson et al. and CATS.
Part 8: Steganography
Mon 04/13 Steganography 1
Read Steganographic file system.
Wed 04/15 Steganography 2
Read Tangler and Baliga et al..
Part 9: Do not trust the Web
Mon 04/20 Jon Howell seminar, ACES 2.402
Two notes -- (1) Class will meet in a different room. (2) The third reading is needed only for the next class meeting, but it will not be presented by a student. Read Xax, Native Client, and cross-site scripting explained.
Wed 04/22 Browser security
Read Securing frame communication in browsers and BFlow. Optional -- Robust defenses for cross-site request forgery
Part 10: Provenance/Misc
Mon 04/27 Miscellaneous
Read BFT2F and Laika.
Wed 04/29 Provenance
Read PASS and SProv.
Part 11: Misc
Mon 05/04 Relaxing traditional BFT guarantees
Read Zeno and Tiered fault-tolerance.
Wed 05/06 Misc
Read WheelFS and BFTSlam.

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