CS 395T: Schedule (Tentative)

Below is a TENTATIVE schedule. It can and will change as the weeks go on. You are welcome to read ahead, but doing so is speculative execution.

Week 1
Thu 08/26 Introduction
Lab 1 released
Week 2
Mon 08/30
Lab 2 released
Tue 08/31 Unix
read The UNIX Time-Sharing System and
The Evolution of the Unix Time-Sharing System.
Thu 09/02 Virtual memory
read Virtual Memory Primitives for User Programs, Proc. ASPLOS, 1991
Fri 09/03 Lab 1 due, 11:59 PM
Lab 3 released
Week 3
Tue 09/07 Virtual memory and virtual machines
read Virtual Memory Management in VMware ESX Server, Proc. OSDI, 2002 and
skim Disco: Running Commodity Operating Systems on Scalable Multiprocessors, Proc. SOSP, 1997
Thu 09/09 Class canceled
Week 4
Mon 09/13 Lab 4 released
Tue 09/14 Virtual machines
no reading; please be prepared to discuss the VMWare ESX paper
Wed 09/15 Lab 2 due, 11:59 PM
Thu 09/16 Software vs. hardware support for virtualization
read A comparison of software and hardware techniques for x86 virtualization, Proc. ASPLOS, 2006
Week 5
Tue 09/21 Paravirtualization
read Xen and the art of virtualization, Proc. SOSP, 2003
Wed 09/22 Lab 3a due, 11:59 PM
Thu 09/23 Xen, continued
finished Xen discussion
Week 6
Tue 09/28 Class canceled by the University President
Wed 09/29 Lab 3b due, 11:59 PM
Thu 09/30 Kernel design: microkernels I
read Improving IPC by kernel design, Proc. SOSP, 1993
Web proxy for ACM digital library
Week 7
Tue 10/05 Class canceled
Wed 10/06 Lab 4a due, 11:59 PM
Thu 10/07 Kernel design: microkernels II
read The Confused Deputy and
read The KeyKOS Nanokernel Architecture (also in gzipped postscript)
Week 8
Tue 10/12 Kernel design: exokernels
read Exokernel: An Operating System Architecture for Application-Level Resource Management, Proc. SOSP, 1995
Wed 10/13 Lab 4b due, 11:59 PM
Thu 10/14 Concurrency
read Experiences with processes and monitors in Mesa, CACM 1980
Read coding standards for concurrent programming by Mike Dahlin
Fri 10/15 Concurrency II (make-up class 4:00 PM PAR 302)
read FlexSC: Flexible System Call Scheduling with Exception-Less System Calls, Proc. OSDI 2010
Week 9
Tue 10/19 Concurrency III
read Efficient System-Enforced Deterministic Parallelism, Proc. OSDI 2010
Wed 10/20 Lab 4c due, 11:59 PM
Thu 10/21 Scheduling
read Borrowed-Virtual-Time (BVT) scheduling: supporting latency-sensitive threads in a general-purpose scheduler, Proc. SOSP 1999
Week 10
Tue 10/26 Sandboxing
read Efficient Software-Based Fault Isolation, Proc. SOSP, 1993
Web proxy for ACM digital library
Thu 10/28 Midterm in room JGB 2.218
Week 11
Tue 11/02 Security I
read SecVisor: a tiny hypervisor to provide lifetime kernel code integrity for commodity OSes, Proc. SOSP 2007
Web proxy for ACM digital library
Wed 11/03 Lab 5 due, 11:59 PM
Thu 11/04 Security II
read Intrusion Recovery Using Selective Re-execution, Proc. OSDI 2010
Fri 11/05 Nested virtualization (make-up class 4:00 PM PAR 302)
Lab T due, 11:59 PM
read The Turtles Project: Design and Implementation of Nested Virtualization, Proc. OSDI 2010
Week 12
Tue 11/09 File systems and durability
read Rethink the sync, Proc. OSDI 2006
Wed 11/10 Project proposals and teams due, 11:59 PM
Thu 11/11 OS Bugs
read KLEE, Proc. OSDI 2008
Week 13
Tue 11/16 Multiprocessors I
read Tornado: Maximizing Locality and Concurrency in a Shared Memory Multiprocessor Operating System, Proc. OSDI 1999
Wed 11/17 Lab 6 due, 11:59 PM
Thu 11/18 Class canceled
Week 14
Tue 11/23 Multiprocessors II
read An Analysis of Linux Scalability to Many Cores, Proc. OSDI 2010
Thu 11/25 Thanksgiving (no class)
Week 15
Tue 11/30 Security
read Trust and Protection in the Illinois Browser Operating System, Proc. OSDI 2010
Thu 12/02 Wrap-up
read Hints for Computer System Design, ACM Operating Systems Rev. 15, 5 (Oct. 1983)
and Secure File Nets, SOSP 2003
Exam week
Mon 12/06 Multiprocessors III (informal session; 4:30 PM in ACES 6.302)
read The Multikernel: A new OS architecture for scalable multicore systems, Proc. SOSP 2009
Wed 12/08 Lab 7 (including project) due, 11:59 PM

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