CSCI-GA.3250: Schedule

Below is a TENTATIVE schedule. It can and will change as the weeks go on. You are welcome to read ahead, but doing so is speculative execution.

Topics Reading
(to be completed before class)
Week 1
Thu 09/03 Introduction Lab 1 released
Week 2
Tue 09/08 Unix read The UNIX Time-Sharing System and
The Evolution of the Unix Time-Sharing System.
Thu 09/10 Virtual memory I chapters 5 and 6 in 80386 Lab 2 released
Fri 09/11 Lab 1 due, 9:00 PM
Week 3
Tue 09/15 Virtual memory II read Virtual Memory Primitives for User Programs, Proc. ASPLOS 1991
Thu 09/17 Virtualization I read A comparison of software and hardware techniques for x86 virtualization, Proc. ASPLOS 2006 and
skim Disco: Running Commodity Operating Systems on Scalable Multiprocessors, Proc. SOSP 1997
Lab 3 released
Fri 09/18 Lab 2a due, 9:00 PM
Week 4
Tue 09/22 Virtualization II Advice on how to read a paper.
Thu 09/24 Virtualization III read Virtual Memory Management in VMware ESX Server, Proc. OSDI 2002
Fri 09/25 Lab 2b due, 9:00 PM
Week 5
Tue 09/29 Virtualization IV come prepared to discuss Waldspurger Lab 4 released
Thu 10/01 Kernel design I read Improving IPC by kernel design, Proc. SOSP 1993
Fri 10/02 Lab 3a due, 9:00 PM
Week 6
Tue 10/06 Class canceled Class is canceled. Read this one-pager, which gives great advice on critical reading. By Eddie Kohler.
Thu 10/08 Kernel design II read Exokernel: An Operating System Architecture for Application-Level Resource Management, Proc. SOSP 1995
also: skim this paper, and read Section 4 in depth:Application Performance and Flexibility on Exokernel Systems, Proc. SOSP 1997
Fri 10/09 Lab 3b due, 9:00 PM
Week 7
Tue 10/13 No class (legislative day)
Thu 10/15 Concurrency/multicore I come prepared to discuss the exokernel papers, and
read Non-scalable locks are dangerous, Proc. Ottawa Linux Symposium, 2012
handout (corrected) diff
Fri 10/16 Lab 4a due, 9:00 PM
Week 8
Tue 10/20 Concurrency/multicore II Study the (corrected) handout from the last class
Then read Everything you always wanted to know about synchronization but were afraid to ask, Proc. SOSP 2013
Thu 10/22 Concurrency/multicore III read RadixVM: Scalable address spaces for multithreaded applications, Proc. Eurosys 2013 (revised 2014-08-05)
Fri 10/23 Lab 4b due, 9:00 PM
Week 9
Tue 10/27 Concurrency/multicore IV read The scalable commutativity rule: designing scalable software for multicore processors, Proc. SOSP 2013 Lab 5 released
Thu 10/29 Kernel design III read FlexSC: Flexible System Call Scheduling with Exception-Less System Calls, Proc. OSDI 2010
Fri 10/30 Lab 4c due, 9:00 PM
Week 10
Tue 11/03 Sandboxing I read Efficient Software-Based Fault Isolation, Proc. SOSP 1993 Lab 6 released, Lab 7 released
Thu 11/05 Sandboxing II read Dune: Safe User-level Access to Privileged CPU Features, Proc. OSDI 2012
Fri 11/06 Lab 5 due, 9:00 PM
Week 11
Tue 11/10 Sandboxing III None. Please come prepared to discuss Dune, assigned for Thursday.
Thu 11/12 Security I read The Confused Deputy and
read The KeyKOS Nanokernel Architecture, Proc. Workshop on Micro-kernels and Other Kernel Architectures 1992
Fri 11/13 Lab 6a due, 9:00 PM
Week 12
Mon 11/16 Email lab 7 proposal and project teams by 3:00 PM
Tue 11/17 Security II read iSeeYou: Disabling the MacBook Webcam Indicator LED, Proc. Usenix Security 2014
Note that class meets in a different place
Thu 11/19 Security III read Building Secure High-Performance Web Services with OKWS, Proc. Usenix Techncal 2004
Fri 11/20 Lab 6b due, 9:00 PM
Week 13
Tue 11/24 I/O handling I Read Eliminating Receive Livelock in an Interrupt-driven Kernel, Proc. Usenix Technical 1996
Thu 11/26 No class (Thanksgiving Recess)
Week 14
Tue 12/01 I/O handling II Read Arrakis: The Operating System is the Control Plane, Proc. OSDI 2014
Thu 12/03 Whole systems I Read Flat Datacenter Storage, Proc. OSDI 2012
Week 15
Tue 12/08 Whole systems II Read Using Crash Hoare Logic for Certifying the FSCQ File System, Proc. SOSP 2015
Thu 12/10 Whole systems III Please be prepared to finish the discussion of FDS and FSCQ
Week 16
Tue 12/15 Last class read Hints for Computer System Design, ACM Operating Systems Rev. 15, 5 (Oct. 1983)
skim End-to-end Arguments in Systems Design, ACM TOCS, 1984
Thu 12/17 Final exam, 2:00 PM--5:00 PM, CIWW 312
Mon 12/21 Lab 7 (final project) code due, 9:00 PM

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