NY Systems/Networking Summit 2006

Nov 17th, 2006

13th Floor Commons, Warren Weaver Hall

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

251 Mercer Street

New York University, NY 10012



The goal of the NY Systems/Networking summit is to gather systems and networking researchers (especially graduate students) to meet and discuss about interesting research topics.  The hope is to make this an yearly event and gather momentum and discussion within the NY area. The summit will have 70-80 researchers attending from AT&T, Bell labs, Columbia, Cornell, Google, IBM, NYU, Princeton, Rutgers, Stevens, Telcordia and Yale.


This year, we have a keynote talk along with 6 panel discussions on "hot research topics" in different sub-areas of systems and networking.  The keynote talk will be given by Will Leland from Telcordia on "Networking Science". Each panel will focus on a specific topic area and have 3-4 panelists (specialists in that area) to provide their take on hot topics in that area. Each panel discussion will last for an hour and will have an interactive 20-30 min Q&A session.



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