Lakshminarayanan SubrAmanian
        • Deployed in over 15 countries in Asia, Africa and Central America for rural connectivity
        • Broke the World record for the longest point-to-point wireless link achieving 6 Mbps across 382 kms in Venezuela
        • Aravind Eye Hospitals in South India is expanding the WiLDNet deployment to cover 50 tele-centers to provide telemedicine services for 500,000 patients per year
        • Air Jaldi Networks using WiLDNet to provide Internet connectivity to 10,000 users
        • Rabin Patra, Sergiu Nedevschi and Omar Bakr establish Tarana Wireless Inc
Contextual Information Portals
        • Jay Chen and Lakshmi deploy a CIP prototype v1 for mathematics in a school in South India where teachers experiment with CIP to teach math classes
        • Jay Chen deploys CIP v2 for several subjects in the Kenyan syllabus in 5 schools in Nairobi, Kenya
        • Jay Chen working with Strathmore University to expand the CIP system to nearly 60 schools in Kenya
        • CTED researchers Jay, Nicole, Christina, Yaw and Lakshmi are planning a large scale randomized control trial to test the effectiveness of CIPs for education in Ghana
RuralCafe and ELF
        • Jay Chen deploys RuralCafe in Amrita University to be used
        • Jay Chen, Saleema Amhershi and Aditya Dhananjay deploy RuralCafe v2 with simplified vertical caching and local Search feature and work with Amrita University student researchers to perform an effectiveness study
        • Jay Chen and Lakshmi work with David Hutchful and Bill Thies (from MSR India) to deploy the Event Logger for Firefox (ELF) system in Christel House School in Bangalore, India
        • Used for ICTPH in India for a mobile data collection pilot project
        • Used by Korle Bu Hospital for a pharmaco-vigilance mobile tracking system
        • CAME, Mexico uses UjU for a mobile micro-finance application
        • Jay Chen works with Nokia Research Kenya to deploy SMSFind as a free mobile search service for users in Nairobi.
        • Simbalink team sets up a pilot solar monitoring system in NYU Abu Dhabi
        • Nahana, Ariel, Meredith deploy Simbalink prototype in several rural households in Ethiopia
        • Nahana, Ariel, Meredith establish Simbalink LLC to commercialize their solution
        • Ashlesh, Lakshmi, Eric Brewer and Vidyuth Srinivasan establish Entrupy Inc to commercialize PaperSpeckle