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A Revised Template Description for Time (v3)

3 Enriching the Vocabulary of Temporal Expressions

The original template description allowed for "string fills" in cases where no date was specified in the temporal expression. The second major addition to the template is to expand the vocabulary of well-formed fills to include expression such as mid-year and summer. Examples of translations will be provided in the last section. Here we simply catalogue the terms to be added:

a. Temporal Modifiers:

1. early = ea

2. mid = md

3. late = lt

4. end of = eo

5. beginning of = bo

6. middle of = md

b. Cyclic Definite Descriptions for Time:

1. fall = fa

2. winter = wi

3. spring = sp

4. summer = su

5. 1st quarter = 1q

6. 2nd quarter = 2q

7. 3rd quarter = 3q

8. 4th quarter = 4q

9. 1st fiscal quarter = 1f

10. 2nd fiscal quarter = 2f

11. 3rd fiscal quarter = 3f

12. 4th fiscal quarter = 4f

Since temporal modifiers such as mid- and early can modify a number of named interval sizes (e.g. day, week, month, season, year), it can appear as a fill occupying both the DAY and MONTH slots.

NOTE: 1st half (year) and 2nd half (year) get rendered as eaYY and ltYY. "Early first half of 1989" would still be rendered as ea89, however.

A Revised Template Description for Time (v3) - 07 JUN 95
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