The CollectionView provides the ability to display selected documents in a collection.  It is invoked by

jet -CollectionView  collection

where collection is the name of a file specifying the collection of documents.  collection should contain a list of the file names of the XML-annotated document files, one file name per line.  File names may either be absolute paths or relative paths;  relative paths are interpreted relative to the directory containing collection. 
A character encoding charset (other than the default, ISO-LATIN-1) for the documents can be specified by

jet -CollectionView -encoding charset  collection

CollectionView displays a list with the name of each file followed by two buttons, one labeled "view annotations" and the other "view entities".  Pressing "view annotations" brings up a window where one can view all the annotations in a document of a selected type.  Pressing "view entities" brings up a coreference viewer for the document, as invoked by CorefView.