The CorefView utility displays all the entities (co-referring mentions) in a document.  It is invoked by

jet -CorefView  document

where document is the name of a file containing an XML-annotated document. 
  The document is marked for coreference with the tags <mention entity=n> ... </mention>, where n is an integer.  Sequences enclosed in tags with the same value of n are coreferential.  A character encoding charset (other than the default, ISO-LATIN-1) can be specified by

jet -CorefView -encoding charset  document

CorefView displays a menu of entities on the left side and the document on the right side (each entity is listed using the text of its first mention).  When an entity is selected, the mentions are highlighted on the right side, and connected with a line.  (The bottom pane is used to display details of the annotations when this display is used as part of the Jet system.)