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Named Entity Task Definition


B.1 - Only "absolute" time expressions are to be tagged. To be considered an absolute time expression, the expression must indicate a specific segment of time, as follows:
B.2 - Absolute time expressions are to be tagged as a single item. Subparts are not to be tagged separately, even in the case of possessive constructions.
B.3 - Relative time expressions are not to be tagged, but any absolute times expressed as part of the entire expression are to be tagged.
B.4 - Special days, such as holidays, that are referenced by name, are not required to be tagged; they will be marked optional in the answer key.
B.5 - Rarely, multiword strings that are to be tagged as TIMEX will contain LOCATION (ENAMEX) substrings that are also to be tagged.

Named Entity Task Definition - 02 JUN 95
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