Associate Professor
Vision, Learning and Graphics group,
Dept. of Computer Science,
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
New York University

I am also a Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research.

Room 1226, 715 Broadway,
New York, NY 10003, USA.

Directions to lab

Research Overview

My research is in the areas of Machine Learning and Computer Vision. I am particularly interested in applying Deep Learning methods to object recognition. I also work on low-level vision problems, with applications to computational photography and astronomy.

Deep Learning for Computer Vision

NIPS 2013 Tutorial [Slides]

Online Recognition Demo

See our deep convolutional network demo here. This network achieves 16.5% top-5 error on the Imagenet 2012 classification challenge, around 2% better than the network of Krizhevsky et al. (NIPS 2012).

Latest Work

Pre-prints of recent research can be found on arXiv: Link

Selected Projects

Visualizing and Understanding Convolutional Networks

Matt Zeiler and Rob Fergus, ECCV 2014, PDF

Reconnaissance of the HR 8799 Exosolar System I: Near IR Spectroscopy

B. R. Oppenheimer et al., Astrophysical Journal, March 2013
PDF | Project page

Indoor Segmentation and Support Inference from RGBD Images

Nathan Silberman, Derek Hoiem, Pushmeet Kolhi and Rob Fergus, ECCV 2012
PDF | NYU Depth Dataset v2.0

Adaptive Deconvolutional Networks for Mid and High Level Feature Learning

Matt Zeiler, Graham Taylor and Rob Fergus, ICCV 2011
PDF | Project Page

Learning Invariance through Imitation

Graham Taylor, Ian Spiro, Christoph Bregler and Rob Fergus
CVPR 2011. PDF | Project Page

Blind Deconvolution using a Normalized Sparsity Measure

Dilip Krishnan, Terence Tay and Rob Fergus, CVPR 2011
PDF | Project Page

Dark Flash Photography

Dilip Krishnan and Rob Fergus,
ACM Trans. on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2009).
High res PDF (73Mb) | Low res PDF (5.1Mb) | Project page

80 million tiny images: a large dataset for non-parametric object and scene recognition

Antonio Torralba, Rob Fergus and William T. Freeman
PAMI, November 2008. PDF | Bibtex | Project page

Removing Camera Shake From A Single Photograph

Rob Fergus, Barun Singh, Aaron Hertzmann, Sam T. Roweis and William T. Freeman,
ACM Trans. on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2006).
PDF | PPT | Code | Project page