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9/9/2013 - Introduction to HTML (webpage written in class) - Note: Use  VIEW / SOURCE  in your browser to see the HTML.

9/9/2013 Sites to review for class on 9/16/2013:

  1. http://www.rossettiarchive.org/ [www.rossettiarchive.org] - The Rosetti Archive
  2. http://carlyleletters.dukejournals.org/ [carlyleletters.dukejournals.org] - The Carlyle Lettes Online
  3. http://webapp1.dlib.indiana.edu/swinburne/ [webapp1.dlib.indiana.edu] - The Algernon Charles Swinburne Project

9/16/2013 - Introduction to CSS (HTML on Herman Hesse and CSS)

9/23/2013 - Working with CSS and page layout (Classwork ... and Take 2 !! )

9/30/2013 - Notes for Class Discussion on image files

10/21/2013 and 10/28/2013 - Setting up your WordPress sites:

  1. URLs and instructions to accompany class handouts on Wordpress
  2. Introduction to WordPress - Class Lecture
  3. Sample site: Elizabeth Barrett Browning in Translation
  4. Class site: Herman Hesse's DER STEPPENWOLF

11/11/2013, 11/18/2013 and 11/25/2013 - TEI/XML

11/11/2013 - Introduction to XML and to TEI and a poem by William Carlos Williams

11/18/2013 -

  1. Hamlet's Soliloquy (css)
  2. Chapter 21 from Huck Finn (css)
  3. In answer to a question that came up in class ... UTF-8 represents every character in the UNICODE character set. However, ISO-8859-1 repsents the Latin-1 character set. I have standardized our examples to use UTF-8. There is also a chapter on character encoding in the online text - Digital Literary Studies - Chapter 31. - XML Character Sets - Reference

11/25/2013 -

  1. William Carlos Williams ... using CSS (css) and using XLST - (xsl)
  2. Sonnets studied in class (Note: Not all of our class discussion is represented in these TEI/XML editions)
  3. Introduction to TEI Boilerplate

12/2/2013 -

  1. Discussion about preservation; building a static version of your site for publication.
    • Sample static site: EBB ... from the original site which we used in class posted here.
    • We will discuss the value of a "static site" and plans for posting your work to a permanent server.
    • Here is one plug-in to consider. Note that since we only need to use it once ... that the preservation of the plug-in itself is not an issue!
  2. Blogging: We will discuss both blogging (using posts in WordPress) and accepting comments.
    • The most important consideration is to use the Akismet plugin (and be sure to request your Akismet key). This plugin was likely included in your WordPress installation but does not activate withour your key.
    • Be sure also to go to SETTINGS / DISCUSSION and carefully review your settings.
  3. Oxygen: Oxygen is an XML editor that has a TEI module - http://www.oxygenxml.com/.
  4. Diacritical markings