Philip J. Davis: Posthumous Publications

Editor's note

Philip J. Davis, my late father, was a prolific and enthusiastic writer. The bibliography of his published works includes 22 books, 2 edited books, 52 technical articles, 92 essays, and 185 book reviews. He also left a considerable body of unpublished works of all kinds; a novel, a travelogue, autobiographical pieces, biographical pieces, essays, short stories, and light verse. Some of these he had hoped to publish — up to his last days he continued to plan out new books — some were just for the entertainment of family and friends. This web site contains all of his significant unpublished works.

Our particular thanks to Marguerite Dorian, for her gracious permission to include her many charming illustrations for my father's works.

The works here are unedited, except for the correction of a few small typos, and:

Autobiographical Pieces

Personal Anecdotes

Biographical Sketches




Light verse

What are the Dreams?: An anthology of letters

Interview: Philip Davis, Reuben Hersh, Vera John-Steiner

Any questions about the works here should be addressed to the editor, Ernest Davis. Site created May 2018.