Bibliography of Philip J. Davis

Philip J. Davis is the sole author, except where otherwise indicated.

Posthumous publications are listed separately.


ACM --- Association for Computing Machinery
AMS --- American Mathematical Society
MAA --- Mathematical Association of America.
SIAM --- Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics


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    Study edition, updated with epilogues, by Philip Davis, Reuben Hersh and Elena Anne Marchisotto, Birkhäuser 2012.
    American Book Award, 1983.
    (This award is now, retroactively, considered a National Book Award -- the relation between the two awards in the early 1980's was extremely complicated.)

    An excerpt (p. 34-43) was published under the title ``The ideal mathematician'' in New directions in the philosophy of mathematics: An anthology ed. Thomas Tymoczko, Boston: Birkhäuser, 1986 pp. 177-184.
    A Russian translation of this excerpt published in Priroda No. 3, (1997), 126-128.

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Educational supplements

  1. Teacher's manual for Philip J. Davis, The Mathematics of Matrices by Philip Davis and Persis Redgrave. New York: Blaisdell, 1965.
  2. The Companion Guide to The Mathematical Experience, study edition by Philip Davis, Reuben Hersh and Elena Marchisotto. Boston: Birkhäuser, 1995.

Mathematical papers

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Some Selected Lectures

  1. Mathematical Education: Continuous Reformation. Chauvenet Prize Remarks. Berkeley, Cal., January 28, 1963,
  2. Of Men and Mathematics: A Plea for the Historical Sense in Mathematics. Address: MAA Meeting, Annapolis, Md., April 27, 1963.
  3. Toward a Jamesian History of Mathematics. Invited address, Winter meeting of the AMS, January 1967
  4. The Raised Eyebrows of Mathematics. International Conference of Mathematical Education, 1992.
  5. Plenary Lecturer: International Commission for the Study and Improvement of Mathematics Teaching. Berlin. July 1995.
  6. Invited Lecturer: Technische Universität Vienna, December 1996.
  7. Evidence in Mathematics. First Alfred North Whitehead Lecture, Imperial College, 1998.
  8. Urania Lecturer, International Congress of Mathematicians, Berlin, August, 1998.
  9. Invited Lecturer, International Conference on War and Mathematics, Karlskrona, Sweden, August 2002.
  10. Invited Lecturer, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften, May 2002 and May 2004.


Interviews of and by Philip J. Davis at The History of Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Oral History Site
  1. Saul Abarbanel
  2. John Butcher
  3. Interview of Philip J. Davis conducted by William Kolata and Gail Corbett
  4. Walter Gautschi
  5. Paul Garabedian
  6. David Gottlieb
  7. Bertil Gustafsson
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This online bibliography was assembled by Ernest Davis. Thanks to Carol Mehne for finding the articles in SIAM News, 1984-1997.