Academic Awards and Fellowships

The Computer Science prizes and awards listed below are presented at the annual Student Prizes Ceremony held by the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences each spring :  

The Janet Fabri Award

Soon after earning her PhD in the Computer Science Department, Janet Fabri died in an automobile accident on her way to work at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Center. The award, initiated by Janet's colleagues at IBM, her family, and her advisor, Robert Dewar, is given each year for the dissertation determined to be the department's most outstanding.

The Henning Biermann Award

This award honors the memory of Henning Biermann, a much-loved PhD student who passed away in July 2002. The award celebrates Henning's spirit of service and community-building, and is given to one or more PhD students in Computer Science for exceptional contributions to education or service.

The Matthew Smosna Prize

Matthew Smosna, a researcher, student, administrator and much-loved teacher in the Computer Science Department, died suddenly in 1997. The Matthew Smosna Prize was instituted in his memory and is given each year to the master's student with the highest level of academic achievement.

Master's Thesis Prize

For an outstanding thesis in Computer Science

Master's Innovation Prize

For outstanding innovation in Information Systems

Prize Winners

The following fellowship are awarded each year based on available funding :

Jacob T. Schwartz Ph.D. Fellowship

Jacob T. Schwartz Ph.D. Fellowship is awarded for outstanding performance in the Ph.D. program. It is named for Jack Schwartz, founder of the NYU Computer Science Department and faculty member at Courant for 42 years. Jack was an extraordinarily distinguished and versatile scientist whose work was foundational in several areas of computer science, including computational logic, programming languages, robotics, parallel computing, multimedia, and computational biology.

M.S. Thesis/Research Fellowship

The M.S. Thesis/Research Fellowship supports work that may lead to a research paper or thesis.

M.S. Innovation Fellowship

The M.S. Innovation Fellowship provides support for a student working on an innovative idea. 


The following fellowships are awarded for outstanding performance in a Master's program:

Joann and Stanley Benson Master's Fellowship

Hedwig Kurzbart Master's Fellowship

M. Michael Waller Master's Fellowship

M.S. in Computer Science Fellowship

M.S. in Information Systems Fellowship


Fellowship Recipients