Student Showcase - Spring 2009

Showcase Archive

Instructor Course Number Course Title Link
Christopher Bregler G22.2270-001 Computer Graphics & Vision Course Website
Rob Fergus G22.3033-003 Computational Photography Course Website
Jean-Claude Franchitti G22.2440-001 Software Engineering Course Website
Davi Geiger G22.3033-012 Information Science of Marketing Course Website
Nathan Hull V22.0201-002 Computer Systems Organization Course Website
Nathan Hull V22.0380-002 Flash Programming Course Website
Nathan Hull V22.0480-004 iPhone Programming Course Website
Yann LeCun V22.0480-001 Robotics Course Website
Evan Korth G22.3812-001 Info Technology Projects Course Website
Olga Sorkine G22.3033-004 Interactive Shape Modeling Course Website
Lakshminarayanan Subramanian G22.2620-001 Networks and Distributed Systems Course Website

For further information on any of the projects metioned above, please contact the Undergraduate Program Administrator, in room 323 CIWW.

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