Credit for Internships

Qualified students may be eligible to receive credit for internship work through an Independent Study course (CSCI-UA.0897), which may be taken for two or four credits per semester. The following conditions must be satisfied.

The student must:

  1. Be a Computer Science, Computer Science/Math, or Economics/Computer Science major
  2. Have a major GPA of at least 3.5
  3. Participate in an internship with a substantially technical component

If you would like to receive credit for an internship that you are currently involved in and you meet the above qualifications, send an email to the Undergraduate Program Administrator. The Computer Science Department strongly recommends students to obtain practical training in a field of computer science they are interested in. Once approved, you will receive an access code for the Independent Study for the given semester so that you can register for the course. You will then be assigned a faculty sponsor to whom you must submit the following items:

  1. A brief written proposal at the beginning of the semester, describing the nature of the internship.
  2. A detailed written description at the end of the semester of the tasks that you performed and the new languages, systems, techniques, etc., that you learned.
  3. A presentation at the end of the semester, showing (to the extent possible) programs, web sites, etc., that you created.
  4. A written evaluation from your supervisor.

Note: You will receive a grade for the Independent Study.

Important Considerations Before Accepting a Job or Internship

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