Summer 2013 Special Topics Course Descriptions

NOTE: for descriptions of standard graduate computer science courses, see Graduate Course Descriptions.

CSCI-GA 3033-001 Innovation Processes, Tools, and Techniques

This course provides a hands-on comprehensive study of mainstream innovation concepts, processes, techniques, and tools. Through the various sessions, students will learn how to manage innovation to support the creation of solutions that can be effectively monetized. They will also learn how to create and leverage environments, and solutions, that foster and enable innovation. Through hands-on assignments and programming projects, students will learn how to harness innovative thinking and develop end-to-end innovative solutions with agility and monetization in mind.

CSCI-GA 3033-002 Production Quality Software

In this course, students learn to develop production quality software. Lectures present real-world development practices that maximize software correctness and minimize development time. A special emphasis is placed on increasing proficiency in a particular programming language by doing weekly development projects and participating in code reviews. Assignments become more sophisticated as the semester progresses, eventually incorporating unit tests, build scripts, design patterns, and other techniques. The course culminates with an assignment that requires students to contribute to an open-source project of their choice.

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