Fall 2008 Graduate Final Exam Schedule


Course # Course Name Instructor Exam Info Day Time Room
G22.1133-001 C-PAC I Gallagher SEE INSTRUCTOR
G22.1170-001 Fundamental Algorithms Spencer FINAL EXAM W Dec 17 5:00-6:50 109 CIWW
G22.2110-001 Programming Languages Barrett FINAL EXAM W Dec 17 7:10-9:00 102 CIWW
Scientific Computing Hohenegger SEE INSTRUCTOR
G22.2130-001 Compiler Construction Gottlieb FINAL EXAM R Dec 18 7:10-9:00 101 CIWW
G22.2245-001 Unix Tools Korn & Lee FINAL EXAM W Dec 10 7:10-9:00 109 CIWW
G22.2250-001 Operating Systems Gottlieb FINAL EXAM T Dec 18 5:00-6:50 102 CIWW
G22.2271-001 Computer Vision Fergus NO FINAL EXAM
Logic in CS Barrett/Pnueli TAKE HOME FINAL EXAM
Numerical Methods I Rangan SEE INSTRUCTOR
G22.2434-001 Advanced Database Systems Shasha NO FINAL EXAM
Machine Learning LeCun FINAL PROJECT
G22.2945-001 High Performance Scientific Computing Berger/Bindel FINAL PROJECT
G22.2945-002 Finite Element Methods Widlund NO FINAL EXAM
G22.2965-001 Heuristic Problem Solving Shasha NO FINAL EXAM
G22.3033-001 Computer Games Perlin TBA
G22.3033-004 Experiments in Motion Capture Bregler FINAL PROJECT
G22.3033-006 Distributed Storage System Li NO FINAL EXAM
Application Servers Franchitti FINAL PROJECT
G22.3033-008 Produciton Qual Software Schidlowsky NO FINAL EXAM
G22.3033-009 Speech Recognition Mohri FINAL PROJECT
G22.3205-001 Applied Cryptography and Network Security Kedem NO FINAL EXAM
G22.3210-001 Introduction to Cryptography Dodis FINAL EXAM T Dec 16 7:10-9:00 102 CIWW
G22.3250-001 Honors OS Subramanian NO FINAL EXAM
G22.3520-001 Honors Analysis of Algorithms (4 pts) Khot FINAL EXAM M Dec 15 1:00-4:00 102 CIWW
G22.3812-001 Information Technology Projects Franchitti FINAL PROJECT

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