L. E. J. Brouwer and the Sub-Axiomatic Foundations of Mathematics

Ruitenburg, Wim wim.ruitenburg at marquette.edu
Tue Mar 7 18:50:30 EST 2023

Patrik Eklund peklund at cs.umu.se wrote on Sun Mar 5 02:09:26 EST 2023:

> Is it time to finally separate mathematics from computer science, and I 
> would be happy if computer science takes all results produced by Gödel, 
> Turing and Church completely to the side of Computer Science, and 
> mathematicians will be happy at least with Hilbert and maybe also 
> Kleene. We will go back 100 years and restart from there. It's time to 
> do so. We never did.

We may argue about these stated claims of `ownership' by CS of the results by
G, T, and C. However, contrary to the claim that `we never did', it is a solid fact
that some of us are going back 100 years and restart from there with what is the
logic of constructive mathematics. No, it is not intuitionistic logic. Follow link

Wim Ruitenburg

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