Ejection of Computer Science from Mathematics

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Dear Dennis,
Not only do I agree that they are not separable, but I would go way beyond the traditional relation between CS and logic.
With the development of neural networks and AI, we see that CS tackles methods involving math that are in many other areas than logic: geometry (differential geometry, analytic geometry), topology, functional analysis. There are several sciences "of the real", the theoretical aspect of which is math. This includes physics (is theoretical physics math, since it requires experimental validation on top of its logical validation?), data science, astronomy/cosmology, etc. Not counting life and social sciences. There is certainly, in each science, a dual approach: theoretical and experimental, since the essence of science is observation, but denying the math characterization of any theoretical aspect of any science is just a bit ridiculous.
My 2 cts...
Raphael Douady
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We can all play this game (below).

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> Subject: Re: L. E. J. Brouwer and the Sub-Axiomatic Foundations of 
> Mathematics

> Patrik wrote:
> > I am very much in favour of separating  mathematics and theoretical
> > computer science, for the simple reason that theoretical computer
> > science upholds approaches allowing to use one language to manipulate
> > another.

Sidenote: Umm, isn't that what Gödel, Post, and Quine did with arithmetization 
and scriptization?  Don't knock the stored-program concept and what it 
demonstrates about the reach of computability.

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