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Dear Colleagues
Just released in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP) the entry
"Arthur Schopenhauer: Logic and Dialectic" by Jens Lemanski.
Schopenhauer’s important work on logic  is not yet well known. It was he in
particular who promoted the terminology "metalogical", as I explained in
the article
"Metalogic, Schopenhauer and Universal Logic"
This article has 50 pages, here a one-page entry in the language of Nina
Hagen published in the Schopenhauer Lexicon:
IEP is an excellent tool for research and teaching.
I have been the editor in charge of logic at IEP since 2013.
Below are some entries I have managed.
Everyone is welcome to submit an entry.
Jean-Yves Beziau
Avicenna (Ibn Sina): Logic
Saloua Chatti

Lewis Carroll: Logic
Francine F. Abeles

Haskell Brooks Curry (1900-1982)
Jonathan P. Seldin

Kant : Logic
Srećko Kovač

Leibniz: Logic
Wolfgang Lenzen

Adolf Lindenbaum
Jan Woleński

Modal Logic: A Contemporary View
Johan van Benthem

Natural Deduction
Andrzej Indrzejczak

Charles Sanders Peirce: Logic
Francesco Bellucci / Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen

The Semantic Theory of Truth
Jan Woleński

The Yablo Paradox
Roy Cook
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