Workshop Finite Model Theory and Many-Valued Logic (10-12 Nov, Online)

Guillermo Badia guillebadia89 at
Thu Sep 8 21:27:29 EDT 2022

As part of the Australian Research Council Grant DE220100544, awarded to
Guillermo Badia (University of Queensland), a three-day Zoom workshop
bringing together researchers from the areas of finite model theory and
many-valued logics  will  take place on the dates 10-12 November 2022
starting at 14:30 Central European Time and ending at 20:00. The goal is to
understand the challenges and possible interactions between the respective
fields. The website of the event (with a tentative schedule) is here:

The organizers of the event are Guillermo Badia (Queensland), Carles
Noguera (Siena) and Lluis Godo (IIAI-Barcelona).  This meeting is sponsored
by the Association for Symbolic Logic and a report will appear in the
Bulletin of Symbolic Logic.  If you are interested in attending, please
e-mail Guillermo Badia (g.badia at for the Zoom links.

*Keynote speakers *
Ronald Fagin (IBM)
Daniele Mundici (Florence)

*Invited speakers*
Yuri Gurevich (Michigan)
Xavier Caicedo (Los Andes)
Phokion Kolaitis (UC Santa Cruz)
Jouko Väänänen (Helsinki)
Moshe Vardi (Rice)
Erich Grädel (Aachen)
Paolo Agliano (Siena)
Chris Fermüller (TUW)
Leonid Libkin (Edinburgh)
Anuj Dawar (Cambridge)
Pilar Dellunde (Barcelona)
Marcel Jackson (La Trobe)
George Metcalfe (Bern)
Petr Cintula (Czech Academy)
Tommaso Flaminio (IIAI-Barcelona)
Amanda Vidal (IIAI-Barcelona)
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