Studying Ontological Arguments with Computers: The Logic and Religion Webinar, May 12

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Wed May 11 10:30:09 EDT 2022

Dear Colleague,

You are invited to participate in the next session of the Logic and Religion Webinar Series which will be held on May 12, 2022, at 4:00 pm CET with the topic:

Studying Ontological Arguments with Computers

Speaker: Christoph Benzmueller<> (University of Bamberg & FU Berlin)

Chair:  Andrea Vestrucci<> (Graduate Theological Union, USA)

Please register in advance!

Abstract: Several emendations of Gödel's modal ontological argument have been proposed persevering the intended conclusion of God's necessary existence while avoiding the problem of modal collapse, which expresses that there are no contingent truths (everything is determined, there is no free will). In this webinar, we summarize recent computer-supported verification studies on some of these modern variants of the ontological argument. Our purpose is to provide further evidence that the interaction with computer technology can not only enable the formal assessment of ontological arguments but can, in fact, help to sharpen our conceptual understanding of the notions and concepts involved.

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Francisco de Assis Mariano

The University of Missouri-Columbia

LARA Secretary

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