geometric interpretation of the expansion of an epistemology

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Wow, doubling-down on worldview to posit a “purely rational worldview.”  
The problem of distinguishing such a thing (and who does it) aside, I think the difficulty of subjectivity is not appreciated.  This just came to my attention: 
“Yo! You speakin’ to me?” is not likely to stand out, information-theory-wise.
Immanuel Kant and Soren Kierkegaard walk into a bar.  Thoreau is slumped over a table in the shadows.   The bartender, William Kingdom Clifford, looks up at the newcomers from his friendly chat with Joseph Weizenbaum, a question forming on his lips.
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Subject: geometric interpretation of the expansion of an epistemology
[orcmid] …  A fiber over a point is the set of all unconscious biases related to the purely rational worldview that point represents. 
[orcmid] …
In my current model of disinformation, the separation between two worldviews can be measured using the Kullback–Leibler divergence (aka relative Shannon information):
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