Is Horn clause logic decidable?

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Mon Oct 18 06:04:06 EDT 2021

Surely it is simply that the programming language Prolog is based on Horn clause logic, and even without its non-logical extensions, Prolog is obviously Turing complete.

Larry Paulson
On 18 Oct 2021, 05:05 +0100, Daniel Schwartz <schwartz at>, wrote:
I have been told that Horn Clause Logic, considered as a subsystem of
First-Order Logic, is undecidable. More exactly, if S is a set of Horn
clauses and P is an atom, then whether P is derivable from S is undecidable.

However, I have never seen a proof of this and have been unable to find any
discussion of it.

Would anyone know whether this statemnt is true, and could you provide a

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