Is Horn clause logic decidable?

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Dear Daniel,

this is shown by reduction from the Post correspondence problem (PCP) in Manna’s textbook ‘Mathematical theory of computation’ where the idea is attributed to Floyd. Given an instance S of PCP consisting of pairs of strings (s,t), one constructs Horn formulas in a language suitable to express strings and with a binary relation R and a propositional constant Q as follows:

C1 := P(s,t), one instance for each (s,t) in S, stating “all initial pairs can be derived"
C2 := for all x y. P(x,y) -> P(sx,ty), one instance for each (s,t) in S, stating “derived pairs can be extended component-wise"
C3 := for all x. P(x,x) -> Q, stating “matching derivations are solutions"

It can be verified that S has a solution iff from C1,C2,C3 one can derive Q, establishing a many-one reduction from PCP to Horn clause logic and hence the undecidability of the latter.

In case you are interested in a more detailed argument, you could also have a look at our paper describing a mechanised version of this and related reductions using the Coq proof assistant ( <>). Note however that we work in a constructive meta-theory, so while the reduction to validity (Section 3.1) is in Horn format as described above, the reduction to classical provability (Section 3.5) is obtained by a more complicated Friedman-style double-negation translation.

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> On 16. Oct 2021, at 23:59, Daniel Schwartz <schwartz at> wrote:
> I have been told that Horn Clause Logic, considered as a subsystem of
> First-Order Logic, is undecidable.  More exactly, if S is a set of Horn
> clauses and P is an atom, then whether P is derivable from S is undecidable.
> However, I have never seen a proof of this and have been unable to find any
> discussion of it.
> Would anyone know whether this statemnt is true, and could you provide a
> refernce?
> Thanks and best regards,
> Dan Schwartz
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