Proof Theory Seminar: New Season

Anton Freund freund at
Fri Jan 15 06:04:19 EST 2021

Dear Logicians,

We are pleased to announce a new round of talks in the Proof Theory
Virtual Seminar:

20 January, 09:00 UTC: Georg Moser
Title: Herbrand Complexity and Hilbert's Epsilon Calculus

3 February, 17:00 UTC: Sara Negri
Title: 	A proof-theoretic approach to formal epistemology

17 February, 09:00 UTC: Keita Yokoyama
Title: Forcing interpretation, conservation and proof size

3 March, 17:00 UTC: Dale Miller

17 March, 09:00 UTC: Andreas Weiermann
Title: Notation systems for natural numbers and Goodstein sequences

To attend, it suffices to click on a Zoom link, which you can find on our

If you would like to receive reminders, you can sign up to our email list
by joining the following google group (no google account required):!forum/proof-theory-seminar/join

For further information (including abstracts for the talks listed above),
please visit the aforementioned webpage. We look forward to seeing you at
the seminar!

Best wishes,
Anton Freund
(on behalf of the committee)

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