Two Papers

Harvey Friedman hmflogic at
Fri Jul 17 00:28:34 EDT 2020

Two papers - the last two papers on my downloadable manuscript page:

110. ALERT. BRAND NEW. Tangible Incompleteness Interim Report July 16,
2020, 27 pages. New Major Overhaul. Major upgrade of March version.
First priority now is to back up all claims in this abstract. Major
content overhaul and major expositional overhaul.  This appears to be
the culmination of 53 years of effort to find Tangible Incompleteness
in the extremely elemental combinatorial level. One major follow
through will be to incorporate less elemental mathematical structures.
Here we only use countable dense linear orderings and also finite
intervals in the integers.

111. Tangible Incompleteness for Gifted Youth: Emulator Theory July
16, 2020, 53 pages.

Harvey Friedman

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