Quanta Magazine "Map of Mathematics" missing foundations.

Annatala Wolf a.lupine at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 22:40:37 EST 2020

Quanta Magazine just released an interactive site it calls rather
authoritatively "The Map of Mathematics", which links to some of the math
articles Quanta has published over the years by classifying them into


The map itself is clearly geared toward a non-mathematical audience, but
it's still rather disappointing that despite the attempt to touch on as
many fields as possible, there's nary a mention of set theory, category
theory, or even mathematical logic.

I was going to comment about it, but the first person to comment had
already pointed this out.

Oddly enough, the Map article shows up under the set-theory tag anyway:


Perhaps they made a mistake and intended to include it.

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 * Department of Computer Science and Engineering
 * The Ohio State University
enum E{A;System s;String t="/* Annatala Wolf, Lecturer%n * Department of
Computer Science and Engineering%n * The Ohio State University%n */%nenum
E{A;System s;String
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