[FOM] 827: Tangible Incompleteness Restarted/1

José Manuel Rodriguez Caballero josephcmac at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 03:10:14 EDT 2019

Harvey Friedman wrote:
>> Try giving such an account, which is totally understandable by
>> "everyone", for path algebras and representation theory. This should
>> definitely decide the relevant culture wars under a common
>> understanding of the true nature of intellectual life. Such a common
>> understanding is obviously missing, and an interesting question that I
>> frequently think about is: why and what is to be done about it?

My modest answer to this question is: it is important to write papers and to give lectures (available on YouTube) about the culture wars in the history of mathematics, including recent history.

As an example (concerning the infinitesimals) of such papers, I would like to cite:


In the particular case of the present discussion about graph theory, it is important to know whether or not the category-theoretical community was trying to change the names of already defined mathematical objects in a systematic way, e.g., digraph by quiver. Such a question may be the motivation of an interesting research in history of mathematics. I am not talking about conspiracy, but just of a spontaneous behaviour inside a community produced by some reason that a historian should discover.

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