[FOM] Provable security and foundations of mathematics

Timothy Y. Chow tchow at math.princeton.edu
Tue Jun 11 18:24:17 EDT 2019

Jose Manuel Rodriguez Caballero wrote:

>  There are several positions concerning whether the foundations of 
> mathematics are enough in order to develop a branch of cryptography 
> known as provable security. One of the most controversial papers in this 
> debate is the following one:

That paper was indeed controversial, but the controversy had nothing to do 
with "whether the foundations of mathematics are enough."  The debate was 
over sociological issues, such as whether certain people exhibit slipshod 
scholarship, engage in ad hominem attacks, overstate the significance of 
their results, misleadingly downplay important limitations and caveats, 
and so forth.  I don't see any f.o.m. issues of substance at stake here.


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