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> Since Metamath has been mentioned, I'll make some remarks on it that may 
> be of interest.
> In set.mm, 1/0 is "undefined" because the domain of the 2nd argument of 
> the division operation excludes 0.  Technically, 1/0 evaluates to the 
> empty set (that's what we chose for out-of-domain behavior of functions 
> in general - why we chose that is another discussion)
I'm interested in why you chose it.  For intuitionistic ZF, I would
think that it's the only option.

> , but there is 
> nothing we can do with it in the context of complex numbers, whose 
> members are the urelement-like objects I described.  We cannot prove 
> that 1/0 is or is not a complex number, so it is effectively undefined.

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