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Sun Jun 3 14:05:58 EDT 2018

In https://cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2018-May/021019.html I discussed
my recent talk at

At the end of that posting, I discussed a finite form of MES that
appears at the end of that talk, page 32. On page 10 of the talk I
warn everybody that I don't want to talk about 12 hour old "results".
It turns out that that was good advice. I have struggled quite a bit
to find better and better finite forms in Emulation Theory, with
plenty of false starts. So I retract page 32 (as indicated on my
website), and also the corresponding last part of the previous FOM
posting #813.

Here is a new version, full of confidence, which I LIKE BETTER ANYWAY.

in {0,...,kn}^k

Let E containedin {0,...,kn}^k. S is an emulator of E if and only if S
containedin {0,...,kn}^k and every element of S^2 is order equivalent
to an element of E^2. S is a maximal emulator of E containedin
{0,...,kn}^k if and only if S is an emulator of E containedin
{0,...,kn}^k which is not a proper subset of any emulator of E
contaiendin {0,...,kn}^k. We can say this more vividly this way: S is
ruined by any new element from {0,...,kn}^k.

E is stable if and only if for all 0 <= i < n, (i,n,2n,...,(k-1)n) in
E if and only if (i,2n,3n,...,kn) in E.

The mix of E is the set of all elements of {0,...,kn}^k whose
coordinates are all coordinates of elements of E.

subset of {0,...,kn}^k has a length r tower of stable emulations,
where each term is ruined by any new element from {0,n,2n,...,kn}^k
and by any new element from the mixes of the previous terms.

FMES is obviously explicitly Pi01.

THEOREM 1. FMES, FMES for r = 3 are both equivalent to Con(SRP) over
EFA. There is a hierarchy through Con(SRP) obtained by fixing k.

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Harvey Friedman

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