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This year, it is still Nevanlinna Prize https://www.mathunion.org/imu-awards/rolf-nevanlinna-prize/rolf-nevanlinna-prize-2018

Wikipedia page on this prize https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nevanlinna_Prize does not have any information that it has been discontinued -- although it has a link to discussions about this possibility. 

Are you sure that the official decision to discontinue has already been made? 

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My understanding is that (1) the Nevanlinna prize has been discontinued due to concerns raised by Nevanlinna's alleged interactions with elements of the Nationalsozialismus. (2) A different name will be chosen so that the prize can continue under a different name.  (3) The Finnish government has suspended its funding of the prize.  (4) An alternative funder is currently being sought out.  MK

On Tue, 31 Jul 2018, Kreinovich, Vladik wrote:

> The General Assembly of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) decided to host the 2012 International Congress of Mathematicians ICM'2022 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
>> From Wikipedia: "The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) is the largest conference for the topic of mathematics. It meets once every four years, hosted by the International Mathematical Union (IMU).
> The Fields Medals, the Nevanlinna Prize, the Gauss Prize, and the Chern Medal are awarded during the congress's opening ceremony. Each congress is memorialized by a printed set of Proceedings recording academic papers based on invited talks intended to be relevant to current topics of general interest. Being invited to talk at the ICM has been called "the equivalent [...] of an induction to a hall of fame.""
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