[FOM] informal poll special terms in logic

John Baldwin jbaldwin at uic.edu
Sat May 6 10:39:21 EDT 2017

Reply with a vote to jbaldwin at uic.edu.  Feel free to ignore some items.

Do not reply to the list unless you really have something to say.
I will summarize the results and perhaps kick of a discussion after I have
tallied the results.

Do you regard the following distinctions as `archaic'  or `specialized'
 (i.e. only used by some areas of logic) or `unknown to you'?

1) pure versus applied logic

2) pure versus applied model theorem

3) recursive versus computable

4) valid sentence versus valid argument

5) Fratur N to name a structure rather Roman N

John Baldwin

John T. Baldwin
Professor Emeritus
Department of Mathematics, Statistics,
and Computer Science M/C 249
jbaldwin at uic.edu
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