[FOM] The Adventures of the Turnstile

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Mon Jan 9 05:09:25 EST 2017

I am working since a couple of years on a paper whose title will be
something like
"The Adventures of the Turnstile".

The idea of this paper is to describe the evolution of the meaning of this
symbol and its variations.
Since this symbol is a key symbol of modern logic, it is a way to tell the
story and development of modern logic.

I have been inquiring about the introduction of the double turnstile but
didn't yet find a definite answer.
Like Arnon I was struck as a student  by the two different uses of the
double turnstile.
I am also inquiring when the second meaning (2) was introduced.
The meaning of the simple turnstile as a  consequence relation is also very
different different from the original meaning given by Frege.

I am writing this paper with the help of my friend Arthur Buchsbaum who is
preparing a huge bibliography on the topic and  has also produced latex
macros for the turnstile:

In general I am much interested in semiotics, in particular the use of
symbols and notations in logic and mathematics.
I like the provocative idea of Paul Halmos "The best notation is no
notation" although I don't necessarily agree with that.

This week I am organizing a  workshop on the Arbitrariness of the Sign
within the centenary of Saussure's CLG
at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, January 10-12, 2017
People who are closeby are welcome to join us.

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