[FOM] congratulations to Yiannis Moschovakis

Kreinovich, Vladik vladik at utep.edu
Fri Mar 18 18:37:08 EDT 2016

Dear Friends,

The latest (March) issue of the Notices of American Mathematical
Society (AMS) has a list of newly elected Fellows of the AMS.
According to the list, the Fellows of the AMS program recognizes
members who have made outstanding contributions to the creative
exposition, advancement, communication, and utilization of
mathematics. Among the goal of the program is to create an
enlarged class od mathematicians recognized by their peers as
distinguished for their contributions to the profession and to
honor excellence.

One of the new Fellows is Yiannis N. Moschovakis, University of
California, Loa Angeles. His citation reads "For contributions to
mathematical logic, especially set theory and computability
theory, and for exposition."

Congratulations to Dr. Moschovakis!

P.S. The nomination period for Fellows is open each year from
February 1 to March 31. For additional information about the
Fellows program, as well as instructions for making nominations,
visit the web page http://www.ams.org/profession/ams-fellows
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