[FOM] Analyticity of Geometry

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Wed Jul 6 14:51:38 EDT 2016

On Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 2:45 PM, Mghanga D. Mwakima
<dmwakima at college.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Dear members of the FOM mailing list,
> I am currently working on a paper on the analyticity (or lack thereof) of
> geometry - restricting myself to Euclidean geometry. I am aware of Tarski’s
> 1959 What is Elementary Geometry; and in a paper by Marvin J. Greenberg 2011
> "Old and New Results in the Foundations of Elementary Plane Euclidean and
> Non-Euclidean Geometries” he cites Harvey Friedman’s 1999 paper "A
> consistency proof for elementary algebra and geometry”
> So, could someone help me access Harvey Friedman’s paper? Also, are there
> other resources that I could use in exploring this question.
> Thank you,
> David Mwakima

It is at

20. A Consistency Proof for Elementary Algebra and Geometry, August
23, 1999, 38 pages, draft. ConsRCF8%5B1%5D.23.99

but the link is broken. It is now fixed. It is a long time ago, and I
have intended for some time to revisit this matter in some detail.

There is also


Harvey Friedman

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