[FOM] Second-order logic and neo-logicism

Julian Rohrhuber julian.rohrhuber at musikundmedien.net
Thu Mar 26 07:40:26 EDT 2015

> On 25.03.2015, at 17:44, Richard Heck <richard_heck at brown.edu> wrote:
> It's a common mistake to think logicism must be the view that *all* of (ordinary?) mathematics is "logical". But even Frege did not hold that view.

Yes, I also often wonder why the difference between arithmetic and geometry that Frege made in this respect is omitted completely [1]. Logicism describes also a research programme, and orientation more than a conviction. What would be your definition?

[1] Many dictionary definitions seem to contribute to this omission, e.g. the Oxford Dictionary of English: "the theory that all mathematics can ultimately be deduced from purely formal logical axioms, introduced by Frege and developed by Bertrand Russell."

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