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                           International meeting
                        Third St.Petersburg Days of
                          LOGIC and COMPUTABILITY
                           devoted to memory of
                        Grigory MINTS (1939--2014)
                August 24-26, 2015    St.Petersburg, Russia
                             Call for papers

     This third meeting in the series of St.Petersburg Days of Logic and
     Computability is devoted to the memory of Grigory Mints. The main
     themes of the meeting are those related to his mathematical interests:
         * Proof theory
         * Intuitionistic logic
         * Modal logic
         * Non-classical logics
         * Automated deduction
         * Constructive mathematics
         * Applications of proof theory to category theory

         * Vladimir OREVKOV (St.Petersburg), chairperson
         * Solomon FEFERMAN (Stanford)
         * Boris KONEV (Liverpool)
         * Yuri MATIYASEVICH (St.Petersburg)
         * Anatol SLISSENKO (Paris)
         * Enn Tyugu (Tallinn)
         * Yuri MANIN (Germany)

         * Boris KONEV (Liverpool)
         * Nikolai KOSSOVSKI (St.Petersburg)
         * Vladimir OREVKOV (St.Petersburg)
         * Alexei PASTOR (St.Petersburg)
         * Maxim VSEMIRNOV (St.Petersburg)

Working LANGUAGE: English

SUBMISSION of papers:
     If you wish to present a paper, please send an (extended) abstract
     in LaTeX on the conference e-mail: LogicDays at logic.pdmi.ras.ru
     You can find the template for your abstract on our website:
     The deadline for submission is May 15, 2015.
     Notifications are due before June 15.

     Abstracts of talks will be available on WWW and will be delivered to
     the participants in printed form.

     Please register via http://www.pdmi.ras.ru/EIMI/2015/LC/app.html

Participation FEE:
     The fee will cover common meals and coffee breaks. The fee equivalent
     to 120 euro can be paid on arrival.  We hope to obtain the support of
     Russian Foundation of Basic Research to cover in part the expenses of
     Russian participants but unfortunately we cannot provide any financial
     support to foreign participants.

Location of the meeting:
     The "3rd DAYS" will take place at the Euler International Mathematical
     Institute (which is now a part of St.Petersburg Department of Steklov
     Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences). The
     building of the Euler Institute is located at 10, Pesochnaya
     embankment, St.Petersburg.

     The Euler IMI has a preliminary reservation at the Nauka budget hotel
     and the Andersen hotel. More information can be found on our website:

     Please take into account that participants from most countries need a
     visa to enter Russia. After receiving your registration form the
     Organizing Committee will start preparing a formal invitation, which
     you will have to present together with your visa application form at
     a nearby Russian Consulate. It may take a long time before you have
     your visa, so we strongly recommend that you register at least
     three months in advance.

         * Website of the meeting: http://www.pdmi.ras.ru/EIMI/2015/LC/index.html
         * E-mail: LogicDays at logic.pdmi.ras.ru
         * FAX:
              o 7 (812) 310 53 77 (Program Committee)
              o 7 (812) 234 58 19 (Organizing Committee)

Useful LINKS:
         * The First Days of Logic and Computability:
         * The Second Days of Logic and Computability:
         * Euler International Mathematical Institute:
         * St.Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics:

More links can be found on the website of the meeting.

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