[FOM] Varieties of Algorithmic Information (VAI) 2015

Christopher Porter cp at cpporter.com
Thu Mar 12 10:06:44 EDT 2015

VAI 2015 - Call for Abstracts

Varieties of Algorithmic Information 2015
June 15-18, Heidelberg, Germany



   Abstract submission: April 1, 2015
   Author notification: April 15, 2015
   Registration: May 15, 2015


The notion of algorithmic information is referred to throughout work in 
computability theory, algorithmic randomness, and related areas. 
However, in many cases, this notion of algorithmic information is used 
both informally and in a number of different senses. The goal of 
Varieties of Algorithmic Information is to clarify the various notions 
of algorithmic information as they appear in computability-theoretic 
investigations, to ascertain the similarities and differences between 
them, and to foster interaction between mathematicians, computer 
scientists, and philosophers with interest in the topic.

The conference will consist of four invited talks (by Vasco Brattka, 
Walter Dean, Jan Reimann and Nikolay Vereshchagin) as well as 
contributed talks. If you are interested in giving a talk on a topic 
related to the theme of the conference, please submit an abstract via 
the conference webpage (abstracts will be subject to a brief review 
process). If you simply wish to attend the conference, contact the 
organisers at vai at computability.fr.

This conference is made possible by the support of the John Templeton 
Foundation (grant #48003).

We look forward to seeing you in Heidelberg!

The organizing committee: Laurent Bienvenu, Christopher Porter and 
Wolfgang Merkle

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