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(With apologies for cross-posting)  Of possible interest to some Member, 
   Delighted to have Emeriti Professors as Lecturers & Keynote Speakers: 

Joseph Agassi (Israel)
Helge Kragh (Denmark)
Nicholas Maxwell (United Kingdom)
Patricia Radelet de-Grave (Belgium) 

Shahid Rahman (France) 

in History and Philosophy of Science at the: 
1st International Summer School for Sciences, History and Philosophy of Sciences & Science Education. New Educational and Fundamental Insights for Sciences and History-Epistemology-Philosophy of Sciences, & Science Education  June 22nd-26th, 2015 | MESHS, Lille, France&
  Roundtable & Open Debate  Exploring
 Changes in How the Histories and Philosophies of Sciences Have Been 
Written: Interpreting the Dynamics of Change in these Sciences and 
Interrelations Amongst Them—Past Problems, Future Cures?June 26th 2015 | MESHS, Lille, France
You are welcome, join us!        http://summerschoollille2015.historyofscience.it 

Both events hosted by  Inter-Divisional Teaching Commission (IDTC)   and  Maison Européenne des Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société (MESHS).  
Patronage/Promoted/Collaboration by: IDTC, MESHS, UFR de Physique-Lille 1 University, DHST, DLMPS, HOPOS, IHPST, AAHPSSS

Delighted to have distinguished professors as Lecturers, as well:Abdelkader  Anakkar (France)Romano Gatto (Italy) 
Snezana Lawrence (United Kingdom)Michal Kokowski (Poland) 
Peter Heering & Martin Panusch* (Germany)Moïra  Müler (Spain)Agamenon Oliveira (Brazil) Bill  Palmer (Australia)Denise  Orange-Ravachol (France)Hayo  Siemsen (Germany)

et al..read more..Lecturers, Participants & Roundtable Event Please visit our International Scientific Committee: 


The Summer School is devoted to Sciences, History and Philosophy of Sciences & Science Education. Admission is based solely on the individual merits of each Elegible candidate:
Young scholarsPostgraduatePh.D. candidatesTeachers (from other disciplines are welcome)No limitation concerning age, country or status/position
Fees per Elegible Participants: 250 Euros (5 days, all inclusive - except travel-roundtrip):
Five Days ISSHPSE-2015 International Summer School Enrolment.Accommodation in a Selected Hotel in
 the heart of Lille for five nights (22-26 June 2015)...Lunch....Early Registration, from  January 30th, 2015: 250 EuroRegistration from March 30th, 2015: 300 EuroClosing Payments:  April 30th, 2015....read more
The Roundtable is part of the Summer School, but organized as a standalone open & free debate-colloquium in History, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science.

No fees for participants; free entry. 
Booking is mandatory (raffaele.pisano at gmail.com)

Please spread ithe events among your Ph.D. candidates and post doc scholars.  Thank you! 

Thank you for your consideration and my apologies for cross-posting if your email work with 
multiple lists.

Looking forward to meeting you in Lille.

Yours sincerely,On Behalf of the ISSHPSE–2015 Organizing Committee, Summer School DirectorRaffaele Pisano     ---------------------------------------------
Raffaele Pisano, Ph.D.
Lecturer-Researcher in History of Physics and History and Epistemology of Science
Vice President of the Inter-divisional Teaching Commission of the DLMPS/IUHPST http://idtc-iuhps.org/officers
University of Lille 1, Department of Physics |  Bât P5 bis, Bureau 168 
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex | France

Office: +33 (0)   |  French Mobile: +33 (0)6    |    Italian Mobile:  +39 339-31.64.592  
E-mail: pisanoraffaele at iol.it   |  Skype: pisanoraffaele
Past Officer (2006-2012) The European Society for the History of Science

Gillispie CC, Pisano R (2014) Lazare and Sadi Carnot. A Scientific and Filial Relationship. Springer, Dordrecht

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"Thought does not respect national frontiers. Yet scientific ideas are far from stateless citizens". (Thackray, A. (1970). Atoms and Powers. Cambridge MA: The Harvard Univ. Press, p. 4, line 4).
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