[FOM] "Proof" of the consistency of PA published by Oxford UP

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> If there's something interesting here, it's the way the semantics he
> develops doesn't require there to be a single infinite model, but only a
> succession of every-larger finite models. There are antecedents to that
> sort of idea in modal structuralist views, I believe, of the sort developed
> by Hellman, and perhaps more than antecedents. Maybe there are more
> developed forms of this idea, too, and if so I'd be interested to know
> where.
> I don't know if Hellman talks about this but you might be thinking of
Shaughan Lavine. *Understanding the Infinite*.Harvard University Press,
Cambridge,, which gives philosophic treatment to

Mycielski, J., “Analysis without actual infinity,” The Journal of Symbolic
Logic, vol. 46
(1981), pp. 625–33.

[14] Mycielski, J., “Locally finite theories,” The Journal of Symbolic
Logic, vol. 51 (1986),
pp. 59–62.
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